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Hold the vision, trust the process.

Know Potential Outcomes in Advance

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The financial services industry has a broken model. That’s why we have developed a process designed to allow you to test drive suggestions and alternatives and show you potential outcomes in advance of investing in or purchasing products with your hard-earned life savings.

The standard process used by financial advisors today is this: You meet with an advisor, and the advisor determines how much money you have, how much income you need, and your level of risk tolerance. The advisor then uses this information to recommend investments to you that they think will meet your needs based on their past performance.

Next, you’re left to decide which of these suggestions and recommendations you’d like to move forward with before knowing their outcome or probability of success. It’s almost like buying a car without a test drive.

But, wait a minute. You wouldn’t buy a car without a test drive. And aren’t we investing for our future? Shouldn’t we be focused on what investment recommendations could look like in the future instead of choosing them based on how they did in the past? The answer is absolutely, “Yes, we should.” After all, retirement is surviving the next 30 years without a paycheck and not running out of money in the process. This is why we designed our process to show potential future outcomes of recommendations in advance of investing your life savings into them — not after. It’s a different approach, and here is how it works.

Phase One


In this phase, we want to get to know you as a person and not just a number. We will talk about your vision for retirement and ask four questions about what retirement looks like to you, so we can better understand your vision.

  1. What are you doing?
  2. Where are you?
  3. Who are you with?
  4. What are you doing tomorrow?

Once we have an idea of your retirement vision, we continue the discovery phase by gathering information about your assets.

  1. What assets do you have to work with?
  2. What are your retirement income and legacy goals?
  3. What are you currently doing with your investments that you like?
  4. What are you currently doing with your investments that you don’t like?
  5. Is there anything you have looked at but have been scared to try because you didn’t know the potential outcome?
  6. Is there any investment you would absolutely not invest in?

Phase Two


We will test factors in your current investments, current and future income needs, tax issues, and legacy goals to determine a probability of success score based on a range of 1 to 100. The closer the results are to 100, the greater the chance of long-term success.

We will:

  • Test your current investments against your long-term goals and needs
  • Test any ideas you have or have wanted to try but haven’t because of concerns about the outcome
  • Test suggestions and recommendations that could get your success score closer to 100
  • Choose potential outcomes that best fit your comfort level and desires

Phase Three


Once you’ve chosen the outcome you are most comfortable with, the next step is implementation. Implementation can be done on your own or with the assistance of our team. Plan implementation is a process within itself. Our seasoned team administers the multiple steps necessary to complete plan implementation.

We can help:

  • Determine what type of accounts you have and where they are held
  • Open appropriate accounts at Charles Schwab, Fidelity, or TD Ameritrade
  • Verify proper account structure to help avoid undue taxation, penalties, or transaction charges
  • Initiate 401(k) rollovers, pension lump sum requests, and asset transfers
  • Provide a detailed accounting of assets upon completed transfers
  • Set up distributions and tax withholding, if necessary
  • Set up online account access
  • Set up weekly update emails

Phase Four


The markets are dynamic. Strategies that work today are not guaranteed to work tomorrow.
This is why it’s so important to stay ahead of the change curve. In the event a strategy begins to produce less than expected and desired results, it’s important to make changes before a negative result — not after.

To help, we will:

  • Review your current plan’s predicted outcome versus where your current portfolio values are
  • Monitor tax implications and verify that a smart distribution strategy is employed
  • Check for any changes in your financial situation
  • Check for any changes in your risk tolerance
  • Check your comfort level with the overall investment plan
  • Make necessary changes to stay on the plotted course

In this phase, your current investments are stress-tested against your retirement income and legacy goals to determine if what you are currently doing will work for you.

Test New Ideas: We will help you test any ideas you may have.

Test Potential Adjustments: We test potential adjustments to your plan with the goal of achieving a higher rate of success.

Once we have completed the testing phase, have quantified if changes need to be made, and understand which investments are best for you, we begin assisting you with plan implementation.