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College is not just a dream...it's the plan.

Building A College Funding Plan

College Savings Calculator   

Clearly understanding the risks families face during the college decision process, we can start the process of putting together a plan.

A college funding plan is comprehensive in nature, taking into account both financial and non-financial aspects of one’s life. College planning has become a daunting process for most, mainly because parents do not "plan" a way to execute their student’s college experience. In order to generate a plan, that will meet your college planning needs, a broad range of factors must be considered:

  • Analyzing current financial situation (household balance sheet)
  • Calculate family’s Expected Family Contribution (MOST IMPORTANT)
  • What can be done to lower your Expected Family Contribution and/or your family’s overall college costs, while maximizing your eligibility for financial aid and/or merit based aid.
  • Organize college goals (size, location, public vs private)
  • Analyze major and average starting salary 5 years out of school
  • Graduation Rate for each school (Graduate in 4 years or less)
  • Comparing price of each school (Calculate ACTUAL price of each school by using tools that help us analyze the true price vs the schools sticker price.
  • Determine how/if your child can attend an expensive private college for less than the cost of a state school…yes its possible!
  • An estimate of how much your situation could improve by incorporating applicable college admissions and financial aid strategies.
  • How your income, investments and savings shape your financial aid approach
  • Best way for Grandparents to help without jeopardizing your financial aid approach
  • College costs impact on retirement (lost opportunity)
  • Funding college using education loans (Estimate student and parent loan costs)

A properly-constructed and well-developed college funding plan can improve your financial position. There is real value in planning when it comes to college funding.

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