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Comprehensive financial advice. 

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Investment Advice

We provide a detailed risk tolerance assessment for our clients to complete.  Upon evaluating the results of this assessment, we appropriately allocate investments. We monitor the level of concentration and diversification in the portfolio at a geographic, sector and single stock level and make recommendations accordingly. We use the latest technology to re-balance portfolios to ensure that they stay within acceptable risk limits. 

Debt Management

We review the outstanding debt ranging from credit card to mortgage and everything in between.  We analyze various factors and work with clients to develop a plan to most effectively manage this debt.   

Education Planning

We evaluate what education funds will be needed based on projected costs of higher education, depending on when the funds will be needed and what type of school is intended. Once we establish the funds that will be needed, we do an in depth analysis of funding these needs and what planning opportunities are available.  We also evaluate what tax benefits are available and opportunities in scholarship and grants, given the client's financial circumstances.  

Retirement Planning

We utilize state-of-the-art software to project retirement costs and develop a plan that optimizes the likelihood for our clients to enjoy their retirement years.  This plan will include maximizing various “retirement” accounts and options to maximize social security benefits. 

Cash Flow Planning

We analyze our client's' current expenses and annual budget and monitor spending to assure we are making appropriate assumptions in our financial plan. Also, we project long term cash flows to help clients visualize their opportunities and needs. 

Tax Planning

While we are not accountants, we provide services to assist in projecting tax costs and make sure our clients are properly filing and receiving sound tax advice from their tax professional. Also, we manage investments and make retirement saving recommendations based upon each client's particular tax situation. 

Insurance Needs Analysis

We review all insurance coverage's and lapses and make recommendations based on individualized risk tolerance and financial circumstances. 

Estate Needs Analysis

We provide an overview of estate needs and, if needed, provide references for qualified attorneys to make sure the client's needs are covered. 

Business Succession Planning

We discuss our clients' intentions on their business interests and review the alternatives. If applicable, we will provide references for qualified attorneys to address these needs.

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