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Retirement starts with a plan designed to last.

Building a Retirement Income Plan in Ten Steps

Retirement Income Calculator

Clearly understanding the risks we face in retirement, we can start the process of putting together a plan.

A retirement income plan needs to be comprehensive in nature, taking into account both financial and non-financial aspects of one's life.  There is no way around the fact that retirement income planning is difficult.  In order to generate a plan that will meet your retirement income needs, a broad range of factors must be considered:

  • Taking inventory of current situation (household balance sheet)
  • Clarify and defining retirement goals
  • Estimating retirement income needs (non-discretionary vs. discretionary)
  • Understanding Social Security options (maximize)
  • Managing expenses (healthcare, housing, leisure, basic needs)
  • Identifying and managing tax issues (tax efficient withdrawals, Roth conversions)
  • Developing a plan to turn your assets into income that will meet your retirement objectives (pay-checks and play-checks)
  • Plus many more....

A well-positioned and well-developed retirement income plan can improve your financial position.  There is real value in planning when it comes to retirement income.

Having a process in place to develop a retirement income plan is crucial to your ideal retirement.  Our Ten-Step Retirement Income Plan will help you review your own situation and get on the right path to a successful retirement! 

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