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Guiding you to financial freedom.

Characteristics of our clients include:

  • An understanding that they are better off focusing on what they do well and/or enjoy, rather than becoming amateur financial planners. They recognize their time is better spent doing other things, even if they could do a perfectly good job managing their financial affairs;
  • A focus on the progress towards achieving their desired financial future rather than the short term gyrations of investment markets;
  • An emphasis on what’s required to achieve their financial and lifestyle objectives, rather than comparing themselves with others’ apparent financial situation;
  • An inclination to be patient and grasp that “success” is more likely to come from adhering to a disciplined, clear process with attention paid to the things they can directly influence than from perceived investment wins;
  • A desire to understand the rationale for advice and take responsibility for their decisions, but then delegate as much as possible to their trusted advisers; and
  • A tendency to judge the worth of any service, including retirement income and financial planning, on its value to them, rather than only its cost.

In summary, our ideal financial planning client is comfortable with the proposition that the most certain way of achieving their financial objectives is by taking many deliberate decisions over an extended period that are consistent with getting them to where they want to go.

They are willing to trust the advice of professionals and seek help to ensure that they:

  • Remain focused on what is truly important to them; and
  • Are not distracted by the endless stream of irrelevant “noise” and temptations that will take them off course.

Lets make a better tomorrow....together!

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